AvettMail.com is a dynamic fan sticker archive. The intention is to have a digital archive of fan stickers made so that other members can search stickers, track their personal collection, get ideas and design help, and just see what has been made.

In addition to stickers, users can upload swag they have made as well as Community Photos they will allow other members to use in their designs.

AvettMail.com a fan-created, grassroots archive. The website is not affiliated with The Avett Brothers band or its management or label. This is a fan community. 

On registration, every member agrees to certain terms. These are:

I agree to only download community photos and those stickers marked “free for non-commercial use”, after asking the image owner and being granted permission. I will only use these images to create fan stickers and swag to be given away for free to other fans. I will NOT sell any items I create from images downloaded from this site.

If we find that you have used images from this site without permission or for any commercial use, you will be immediately removed and barred membership.

This is a creative community and designers spend a lot of time coming up with their unique creations. We want to keep our images within the community, so all new members must be approved by an admin before they can access the site. This may take a little time, depending on how much activity is happening. An admin will attempt to verify each new member’s affiliation with the Avett fan base by checking facebook groups and memberships. If we can’t verify your affiliation, you membership will be denied. If this is an error on our part, you can appeal the decision. An email with instructions on how to appeal your membership decision will be sent to you if your membership request is denied.

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