Avett Time – Seth

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Intended use: Free for non-commercial use

Originally created on: January 24, 2020
Uploaded by: Michael Stanford

More Sticker Details:

Type of sticker: Character or Celebrity Parody, Includes Instrument, and Person Specific Sticker

Cut of sticker: die cut

Instruments Depicted: Acoustic guitar

Depicts a person?: Seth

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  1. I originally created the Avett Time S&S stickers in September 2019 when I first discovered the Avett Brothers Stickers and Swag group on FB. I then got really busy with work but have now expanded on my Avett Time collection to include an Avett Time logo sticker with Bob’s Bass guitar that I have printed in plain and holographic stickers. I have also designed an Avett Time character for Bob and Joe as well as Avett Time logos with a banjo or Bob’s Bass with the Scott, Seth, Bob, and Joe characters.

    I am more than happy to share these with anyone who would like to print any of them and will gladly make any adjustments to the characters’ styles if desired. I only ask that I am sent one of any of my stickers that you wish to print.


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